Oregon Senate Bill Proposing Grant Opportunities to Small Town Rodeos

OREGON – Another bill to come out of the 2023 Legislative Session could provide additional grant opportunities to small town rodeos. Senate Bill 1038 is summarized by the Oregon Legislature as:

“Directs Oregon Business Development Department to study funding of repairs to rodeos located in small cities and communities in Oregon. Directs department to submit findings to interim committees of Legislative Assembly related to economic development not later than September 15, 2024.”

A proposed amendment to the bill from March 13, which can be read in full here, ads additional detail, including a population cap on eligible communities to 12,000 people and a grant funding limit of up to $250,000 dollars and under the guise that the funds must be used for repairs or improvements. This potential funding avenue was described by Union County Commissioner Paul Anderes as, “a one-time shot in the arm to do a fairly major project.”

The bill went through a work session and public hearing on March 16 and is currently within the Senate Committee. For additional information, visit SB1038 2023 Regular Session – Oregon Legislative Information System (oregonlegislature.gov).