Officers save overdose victim

By on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

COLLEGE PLACE – Officers from the College Place Police Department responded to reports of a potential drug overdose in the 1100 block of Surita Court Monday. Upon arrival they found an unconscious person who was reported to have consumed both alcohol and fentanyl.

Officers Jimmy Duede and Andrew Schild checked the person who they reported had a very faint pulse, was blue in the face, and did not appear to be breathing. Roommates had begun CPR before the officers arrived. Duede and Schild immediately administered four milligrams of department-issued Narcan (naloxone) and continued chest compressions. The subject did not respond so officers provided a second, equal dose of Narcan while continuing chest compressions.

The first responders detected a strong pulse and the patient showed signs of breathing. At this time, paramedics arrived on scene and took over patient care. The subject was stabilized and transported to Providence St. Mary Medical Center for further treatment.

The CPPD recognizes that drug addiction or recreational use can be dangerous. They urge anyone who is struggling or their friends and family to reach out by calling the Washington Recovery Help Line at 866-789-1511, or visit