ODOT September Project and Repair Updates

By on Tuesday, September 6th, 2022 in More Top Stories Northeastern Oregon News

EASTERN OREGON – (Information from the Oregon Department of Transportation). ODOT Is working on several projects in Union, Baker and Wallowa counties this week. Updates are as follows. 

OR86 Bridge over I-84 (Richland Interchange):  No work this week.

Bridge over I-84 at Upper Perry (Exit 256 EB Off Ramp):  The contractor will continue to install new metal railing and protective screening across both sides of the bridge this week. There will be lane closures and flagging with up to 20-minute delays when work is occurring.  There will be no traffic impacts if there is no work going on.

Bridge Replacement on OR82 Near Wallowa: The contractor will continue installing falsework, constructing forms, and placing rebar for construction of the new bridge concrete superstructure.  They will pour concrete for the second pier on Thursday or Friday.  A temporary traffic signal is in place. Traffic will be controlled by flaggers or the temporary traffic signal during working hours, and by the temporary traffic signal during non-working hours.  Up to 20-minute delays can be expected 24/7.  The signal is expected to remain in place until both travel lanes are available again early this fall.

I-84 Meacham to Spring Creek. MP 241.0 to MP 248.5: The contractor will be placing rebar for, and paving the new concrete lane all week.  There will be concrete delivery trucks entering and exiting the work zone into traffic, so please use caution when driving through.  There will also be some drainage work WB occurring off to the right at approximate MP 247.5 that will require a short WB traffic lane shift that shouldn’t adversely affect traffic.  The EB off and on ramps at the Mt Emily Interchange are open.  The WB off ramp is also open.  The WB on ramp is closed.  Traffic needing to go WB from the Mt Emily interchange will need to get on I-84 EB down to the Spring Creek Interchange, and then get on I-84 WB. The speed limit remains reduced to 50 MPH through the workzone.

I-84 between Ladd Canyon and North Powder: The contractor will continue paving the intermittent sections of the fast lane shoulders in both directions.  They will have fast lane closures at the locations being paved when work is occurring.  They are also tentatively scheduled to complete small concrete repairs in the slow lanes, two EB at approximate MP 274 and one WB at approximate MP 285, later in the week.  When they start, these will require short slow lane closures to accommodate the work. The speed limit will be reduced to 55 MPH at the locations where work is occurring.