News Release: South Zone of the Malheur National Forest Moves to High Fire Danger Level

John Day, Prairie City, Hines, OR – (Released by US Forest Service June 30, 2022) — Effective today, 6/30/2022, Burns Interagency Fire Zone will be moving to a Fire Danger Rating of High. There will be no public use restrictions or IFPL changes at this time. This change effects Burns District BLM and the Southern portion of the Malheur National Forest managed by Emigrant Creek Ranger District.

Fire Danger Level: HIGH 

All fine dead fuels ignite readily, and fires start easily from most causes. Unattended brush and campfires are likely to escape. Fires spread rapidly and short distance spotting is common. High intensity burning may develop on slopes, or in concentrations of fine fuel. Fires may become serious and their control difficult, unless they are hit hard and fast while small.  

Deputy Fire Staff Eric Miller would like to remind visitors to recreate responsibly this weekend, make sure all campfires are confined in a fire ring and extinguished before leaving camp.

Thank you for helping keep our forests free from wildfires!