New playground nearly completed in North Powder

By on Monday, October 4th, 2021 in More Top Stories Northeastern Oregon News

The City of North Powder is working on the completion of a new playground.  Last year the City Council approved the construction of a new playground at the city park.  According to Beth Wendt, City Recorder of North Powder, grants and donations totaled to be around $70,000.  All of the labor was donated.

The City of North Powder said that they had a phenomenal bunch of volunteers helping to erect the playground.  They were led by 4 people from the Oregon Recreation and Park Association who have traveled here from Western Oregon.  Local community member George Marston has been the organizer for the project.  He’s spent many hours applying for grants, getting donations, and organizing the entire project.  The La Grande Parks and Rec department has been a great help in preparing for the construction as well as helping with construction and inspections.   We also had a group of people from the Wind Farms who helped with playground construction, and a number of other community members who helped with whatever was needed, from construction to providing meals and running errands.