Members of the BHS Football and Volleyballs teams discuss their season

By on Wednesday, November 24th, 2021 in More Top Stories Northeastern Oregon News

BAKER CITY – The Baker High School Football and Volleyballs Teams both finished strong this season. Alex Ritter and Lacy Churchfield were each a part of those teams and had this to say about the season.

(Q) Can you start with an introduction of who you are, and what sport you were a part of?

(A) Hi, I am Alex Ritter, I go to Baker High School, and I am on the football team.

(Q) The Baker High School Football Team made it to the first round of the State Championships, can you tell me a little about how it felt making it that far?

(A) It was good to be back to a full season this fall, it is always an amazing opportunity to be able to play in the fall. Unfortunate we had a COVID season last year in the spring. It was a little unusual for us.

It was great to be back in the playoffs and carry-on   Baker tradition. We did unfortunate fall shorter than we would have liked too but not bad considering we are a young team. I am looking forward to seeing the results of next season.

 (Q) What are a couple of highlights of this past season?

(A) A highlight that stands out to me was the support of our community coming to the games, cheering, supporting us with gold cards all of that, it was just amazing. I felt like it was an amazing opportunity to play this year.

(Q) Who would you say was your toughest opponent this year?

(A) We played a tough schedule starting off strong with Cascade, Homedale, and Weiser.  Marist was really tough in the playoffs; it was a great game.  They played hard and they played fast, and they were strong, and I wish them luck in their upcoming game.

(Q) Moving on to Volleyball, the volleyball team beat Marshfield late last month which took you to the quarterfinals where you took on a very strong team, Philomath.  Can you tell me a little about those last few matchups? 

(A) Hi, my name is Lacey Churchfield, and I am currently a Senior at Baker High School, and I am involved in Volleyball.  These last few matches were definitely tough, and it was the furthest we have gone in my high school career.  

(Q) Who would you say was your toughest opponent this past year?

(A) We handled Marshfield well in terms of executing and pursuing the ball. This was our toughest team of the season. Philomath was a much bigger team as far as height and sadly that was the game that ended out season.

(Q) If you had one school in the state you would love to go up against, who would it be?

(A) I would have liked to see us go against Sisters in the final four.