Median work underway in Pendleton

By on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 in Local News

LA GRANDE, Oregon – The massive Interstate 84 snow zone improvement project is getting most of the public’s attention, but another project between mileposts 206 and 209 in Pendleton is catching the eye of motorists.

“Right in that area, we’re putting up some median barriers,” ODOT spokesman Tom Strandberg said. “It’s going to be some cable barriers that’ll be somewhere between the two highways. I don’t know if it’ll be right in the center or closer to one side or the other. Basically, it’s to help prevent cross-over crashes.”

Strandberg said that he knows the media in that area isn’t narrow, but it doesn’t take long for an out-of-control vehicle to reach oncoming traffic.

“If you see some big trucks or some other vehicles that don’t look like they’re maintaining control or maybe not paying attention, it can be worrisome,” he said.

ODOT has noticed an uptick state-wide in cross-over crashes. Median barrier installation work is being done at several sites throughout Oregon.