Measure 114 Trial Underway in Harney County

BURNS — A Harney County judge will soon decide if Oregon’s voter-approved gun control law violates the state‚Äôs constitution.

Measure 114 was passed in November of 2022 by a narrow margin, with just a little more than 50% of Oregon voters saying yes.

The law requires people to complete a gun safety training course and undergo a criminal background check in order to obtain a permit to buy a firearm. The measure also bans high-capacity magazines from holding more than 10 rounds.

Circuit Court Judge Robert S. Raschio is presiding over the trial, which began on Monday September 18, in Harney County.

Raschio temporarily blocked the law from taking effect in December after gun owners filed a lawsuit arguing it infringed upon the right to bear arms under the Oregon Constitution.

In a separate federal case over Measure 114, a judge in July ruled it was lawful under the U.S. Constitution.