Marshall Tucker Band to headline Pendleton Bike Week concert

By on Thursday, January 31st, 2019 in Local News

Photo via Marshall Tucker Band website.

PENDLETON, Oregon – Pendleton Bike Week is gearing up for its fifth year July 17-21. The Marshall Tucker Band will be the main act for the final concert on July 20, with a tribute to John Fogarty and Creedence Clearwater Revival performed by Creedence Revelation as the opening act.

This year, the concert will move out of the Happy Canyon Arena into the cool comfort of the Pendleton Convention Center.

“They got a new air conditioner in there, by the way,” PBW organizer Eric Folkestad said.  “It cost $125,000. We’re going to test it out on Saturday night, July 20.”

Folkestad said that having the concert indoors will also help with security for the event. Last year there was an assault at the concert, and he doesn’t want that to happen again.

“We will have a very good, strong security presence there,” he said. “We don’t anticipate any problems, but we want to be prepared.”

Familiar favorites like the Seattle Cossacks stunt team will be returning for Pendleton Bike Week 2019 as well.