Main Street will change for Round-Up week

By on Thursday, August 26th, 2021 in Columbia Basin News Featured Stories

PENDLETON – Main Street shuts down to traffic during the Pendleton Round-Up. The Main Street Cowboys provide stages on each of the four blocks for entertainment. For that reason, the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce will be taking down the expanded outdoor seating areas for restaurants along the thoroughfare.

“Don’t send me hate mail,” Chamber CEO Cheri Rosenberg said. “It will come back. It’s too big of a liability with that many people down on Main Street.”

Rosenberg said that the seating areas will be removed around Thursday, Sept. 9.

“For the restaurants who want to bring them back, we of course will set them back for them,” she said.

She explained that with the street closure, establishment of fire lanes, entertainment, and vendors, the outdoor seating areas were not feasible.