Lohmann pursues what La Nina will mean to the basin

PENDLETON – The Climate Prediction Center calls for a La Nina weather pattern for fall and winter. What that means to this area is still up in the air as far as National Weather Service Hydrologist Marilyn Lohmann is concerned. She says that the last four La Nina patterns definitely brought more rain to the area.

“Two of them had more rain in the basin areas, foothills, and then snow in the mountains, and then two of them did have higher amounts of snow in the lower elevations as well,” she said.

Lohmann is digging into the statistics to see if she can narrow the prediction down to which kind of La Nina is in play now.

“(I will) Try and put together some stuff here at the office with an Arctic oscillation and the cold phase/warm phase of it too, to see if we can’t find some other patterns that kind of match up and see where we’re headed this year,” she said.

Overall, a La Nina pattern means more precipitation and average to below normal temperatures in the Pacific Northwest, but Lohmann points out what’s true for higher elevations is not always the case for the valleys.