Local officials encourage wildfire preparedness

JOHN DAY – As Oregon heads into the 2020 wildfire season, there are actions each of us can do to prepare ourselves, our families and our homes. Oregon Office of Emergency Management encourages individuals and families to be 2 Weeks Ready. Have a “go kit,” make an action plan and communicate the plan with your family.  

Grant County Firewise’s Irene Jerome said the Community Wildfire Protection Plan is getting updated:

“As soon as we’re free to roam about and interact socially, I’d like to be out in the county; meeting with all of our communities and get from them, personally, what they think are our biggest risks for fire.”

Folks in Grant and Harney Counties should be familiar with emergency evacuation levels. Level 1 Evacuation means residents should be aware of the danger and monitor Elkhorn Media Group outlets. Level 2 means “BE SET” to evacuate, and Level 3 Evacuation means “GO NOW.