Livestock feed needed for wildfire victims

EASTERN OREGON – With the recent wildfires in Oregon, many livestock owners do not have enough resources to provide feed through this crisis. Oregon State University Extension is partnering with state and local emergency operations, county fairgrounds, state and private agencies and individuals across the state to solicit hay and livestock feed donations.  If you can donate, follow this link to find out how you can donate, where to donate and the timeline and the logistics of making the donation.

Likewise, if you can offer transportation to the counties that need the feed, please let the local OSU contact know that as well. Only good quality hay may be donated. Please ensure that the hay you are donating is free of noxious weeds and seeds, is mold-free, and is non injurious to animals and the environment.  Grain will be needed for swine and poultry too.  Oregon Emergency Management and TimberUnity will be working with local volunteers and OSU Extension agents to identify where the needs are and for transportation assistance.