Lights, camera, action for firefighters

WALLA WALLA – The Walla Walla Fire Department has been awarded a $5,000 grant by FM Global, a commercial property insurer, to assist in the production of educational videos on the subject of fire safety. The end product will help educate Walla Walla Public Schools students about fire safety.

Distance learning means firefighters can’t deliver the safety lessons in classrooms. Tim Thompson of the fire department’s prevention office worked with the school district to develop a plan that includes Zoom sessions with firefighters in combination with videos of each grade-level curriculum.

It’s estimated the grant will cover approximately half the cost of creating the videos. FM Global awards grants to fire departments and organizations worldwide that present plans where dollars can have the most impact on preventing fire or mitigating the damage that it can cause.

“We are honored to be selected as a recipient of this grant,” Fire Chief Bob Yancey said. “This money will help our mission of educating local children on the need for fire safety.”