Larkins is still in jail

By on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 in Local News

Kai Christopher Larkins is charged with online sexual corruption of a child. He is innocent unless proven guilty.

HEPPNER, Oregon – Morrow County District Attorney Justin Nelson says the 20-year old man charged with online sexual corruption of a child is still in Umatilla County Jail. Kai Christopher Larkins of Indiana has had his bail lowered to $45,000, but his family has not bailed him out at last report. A pretrial conference before Judge Dan Hill was held late last week.

“One of the main issues for the defense counsel is making sure he gets some mental health work done prior to – I think his family’s planning on posting bail and him going back to Indiana,” Nelson said.

Larkins was arrested at Portland International Airport by Boardman police officers following an investigation into a complaint filed by a young girl’s parents. Detectives actually communicated with the defendant prior to his travel to Oregon.

Larkins’ family will need to pay $4,500 – 10 percent of the bail amount – to take him home. At last week’s pretrial conference, the judge warned the family that the bail could be more expensive than that in the long run since he has waived his 60-day trial right and might need to be present at several meetings prior to trial.

“The court’s not just going to automatically say you can always call in,” Nelson said. “Judge Hill wanted to make sure that Mr. Larkins was aware, and also his family, that if that happens, they better be prepared also to have the finances to fly him back or have him stay in Morrow County.”

Larkins has another pretrial conference scheduled for Feb. 7.