“Kind of like a Dream”: Baker claims state title in cheerleading

By on Monday, February 12th, 2024 in More Top Stories Northeastern Oregon News

BAKER CITY –  Baker High School’s cheerleading team clinched the state championship title, showcasing an outstanding performance that left spectators in awe at Oregon City High School.

“I’m so proud of the team, they performed the best they had ever performed!” said Head Coach Kendra Gonzalez.

Coach Gonzalez expressed immense pride in her team, emphasizing the hurdles they overcame to achieve this victory.

She said the team faced a setback when their senior captain fell ill with the flu just days before the competition. Despite initial hopes that she would join them on Friday, the captain’s health prevented her from traveling. Gonzalez said her girls were undeterred and seized the opportunity to fine-tune their routine, putting in an extra two hours of practice on Friday morning before the evening competition.

“Super proud of them for doing the extra work and putting their best selves on the mat! Cheer scoring is subjective!” said Gonzalez. “I told the kids we just needed to do our very best! And that is all we can control!

The results spoke volumes, as Baker High School not only secured the state championship but would have placed third in the highly competitive 5A/6A division.

Particularly noteworthy was the team’s exceptional score in the situational/crowd leading portion, surpassing all other competitors on Friday. Coach Gonzalez credited the team’s success to their newfound belief in themselves, stating, “When they finally believed they could, they did.”

“The team and myself are all feeling a little wow we just did that! Kind of like a dream!”