Kamph sentenced to 70 months

By on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 in Local News

Morrow County Courthouse.

HEPPNER, Oregon – A man from Ione will serve time in prison for beating his wife. Morrow County District Attorney Justin Nelson says Gerald Kamph’s wife was in bad shape when Sgt. Todd Siex answered the early morning call earlier this month. Nelson said that Siex found the husband under the influence of intoxicants and the wife lying on the floor.

“She is severely bruised (with) substantial face injuries and bruising,” Nelson said. “She is not able to get up. She is basically unclothed … and just has a blanket over her on the ground.”

The victim was hospitalized at both the hospital in Heppner and another facility in the Tri-Cities. Nelson said she is still recovering from those injuries. Her husband was charged with a Measure 11 offense.

Nelson said there are many odd things about the case that he wonders if he’ll ever understand. The couple moved to Ione seven years ago, and while the district attorney found several people know Gerald Kamph, few knew he had a wife. The victim stayed inside the home for the most part.

The speed that caused the case to become resolved also surprised Nelson.

“Mr. Kamph, and I’m not sure I’ll ever know completely why, pled guilty to the Measure 11 offense and has already been sentenced,” Nelson said. “He was sentenced last Thursday to 70 months in prison.”

Nelson said Kamph expressed deep regret at his sentencing hearing.