John Day to appropriate $30 million budget

JOHN DAY – The City of John Day has received a provisional grant award of $3 million from the Oregon Water Resources Department to complete the John Day Innovation Gateway Adaptive Water Reuse Project. City Manager Nick Green informed our listeners of the news on KJDY’s Coffee Time:

“They’ll have to issue bonds next spring. They call it a provisional award. We will have the entire distribution system fully funded with grant dollars.”

This project will provide a new source of reclaimed water to address critical water supply and quality challenges in our region. This includes incorporation of more than 2.5 miles of “purple pipe” distribution line and a half-million gallon, above-ground storage tank.

Green explained that around $25 million will go toward capital improvement projects next year and the years to follow:

“On Tuesday, we’ll be submitting a supplemental budget to the city council to appropriate all the funding that we’ve raised that we didn’t know about last spring when we were going through the budget process.

That budget will be just a hair over thirty million dollars, and we’ve actually reduced our operating costs. Roughly twenty-five million of that is in capital construction.”

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