Island City girl selling bracelets this weekend, raising money for the Boots & Socks Program

By on Friday, March 18th, 2022 in More Top Stories Northeastern Oregon News

ISLAND CITY – An Island City girl is selling homemade bracelets to help a wonderful cause here in the community.  Shannon McKone with Elkhorn Media Group sat down with this young lady to get the rundown on her fundraising project.

(EMG) Can you introduce yourself and tell me what grade you are in?

(NP) My name is Natalie Peterson, and I am in 4th grade.

(EMG) You have a bracelet project that you have been working on, can you tell me about that?

(NP) My project is to make bracelets to sell them and then I will give the money to Boots and Socks.  

(EMG) And the boots and socks program is through Soroptimist International of La Grande?

(NP) Yes

(EMG) Why did you decide to start making bracelets?

(NP) Well, I would just make them around the house for fun and give them to people, then I decided I should sell them. My mom asked me what I wanted to sell them for, and I said Soroptimist.

(EMG) Do you make custom bracelets?

(NP) I do, but I have only done one custom so far, but they are really simple to make, and they are fun.

(EMG) You will be selling your bracelets this weekend, where will you be selling them at?

(NP) At GrandeReach [in Island City] on Saturday from noon until 3pm.  

(EMG) How much are your bracelets?

(NP) $5

(EMG) It looks like you have a lot of variety of colors and sizes, some with charms, some without.  How do you decide what do make?

(NP) We just kind of make them random I guess; we try not to make them similar or anything. 

Natalie’s mother, Kelsey Moulten-Henke said that if anyone can’t make it but would like to purchase a bracelet, they can reach out to her on Facebook. (

(EMG) Kelsey, how do you feel about this project?

(KMH) First of all I am not surprised because Natalie has always been so giving and she has a wonderful heart.  She is always thinking of others, when she was in public school, she was always the one who took the shy kids under her wing.  She just really loves to care for people, and I am so proud of her.  But I am not surprised, because this is just how she has always been. 

(EMG) Natalie, is this something you would want to do again, or do you have other project ideas?

(NP) We all [Natalie and her siblings] always wanted to do a lemonade stand but I would like to do this again sometime. 

(EMG) Is there anything else about this project that you would like to share Natalie?

(NP) Well the reason that I started the business part was inspired by my cousin Hannah, she started her own little business.  And the helping part, it’s just that some people don’t even have a roof or anything.

(EMG) So this is just your way to give something to the community?

(NP) Yes  

(EMG) Kelsey, is there anything else that you think people would like to know?

(KMH) I think it would be nice for people to know that she has volunteered at Boots and Socks with her grandma for the last three years in a row and that is why this in particular is so close to her heart.(EMG) Thank you Natalie and Kelsey and congratulations on your project Natalie.