Isaac Connery charged with arson, UUMV and the murder of Terry and Sharon Smith

(Press release from Grant County District Attorney Jim Carpenter and Sheriff Glenn Palmer)

JOHN DAY – During the late hours of July 17, 2018, a fire was reported at the home of Terry & Sharon Smith, on Nans Rock Rd., East of Mt. Vernon, Oregon. The fire totally devoured the entire home. In days following, Sheriff Glenn Palmer, while sifting through the ashes and debris discovered partial human remains which were subsequently identified through DNA testing as belonging to Terry Smith. Sheriff Palmer discovered other partial remains which could not be identified, but have been accepted as belonging to Sharon Smith.

Through a prolonged investigation, evidence was found, including witness testimony and suspect cell phone locations, placing Isaac Connery (23) and his mother, Gabrielle Connery (46) at the Smith home at the time of the fire. The Connerys had been associated with the Smiths, both in Hawaii and Oregon for some time prior to this incident.Sheriff Palmer said, “The Grant County Sheriff’s Office has worked over the past two years with Ben Jones of the Bend Office of the FBI, Arson and Crime Lab personnel from the Oregon State Police, Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office, Oregon State Fire Marshal, Boise Idaho Police Department and various government agencies in Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii. This case has taken our agency investigators to those states.”

A pickup belonging to the Smiths was discovered abandoned in the Boise, ID, area. Follow-up interviews with witnesses identified Isaac Connery as having taken the pickup the night of the fire.Isaac Connery was indicted on June 23, 2020, for unlawful use of a motor vehicle, and a nationwide warrant issued for his arrest.

On June 26, 2020, Isaac Connery was arrested in Bernalillo County, NM. Undersheriff Zach Mobley, Grant County Sgt. Danny Komning, and FBI Special Agent Ben Jones traveled to Albuquerque, NM, where in an interview with Isaac Connery, Undersheriff Mobley learned that Gabrielle Connery and Isaac Connery had dropped off two Connery minor children at a local campground, likely Holliday State Park, on the afternoon/evening of July 17, 2018. Gabrielle Connery then drove Isaac Connery to the Smith home. Isaac Connery was dropped off by his mother near the Smith home, and Gabrielle Connery returned alone to the campground to pick up the two children. Isaac Connery went to the Smith home and shot Terry, then Sharon Smith and set fire to their home. Then Isaac Connery took their pickup and drove to meet Gabrielle Connery in the Boise, ID, area.

In addition to unlawful use of a motor vehicle, Isaac Connery has been charged by the District Attorney for the murder of Terry Smith, the murder of Sharon Smith, and arson. The process of extradition of Isaac Connery from New Mexico to Grant County, Oregon, has begun. The matter will be soon presented to a grand jury for more formal charges, and will contemplate charges against Gabrielle Connery for the role she played in the deaths of the Smiths.

Palmer continues, “The Grant County Sheriff’s Office has worked for the past two years in solving this crime where we have taken the lead in this case and our due diligence and hard work never ceased. With what we have in a case like this and as traumatic it has been for the families of Terry and Sharon Smith, hopefully this will be a step toward understanding what took place the night of July 17, 2018.”