Invasive plants removed from nature area

By on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 in Local News

COLLEGE PLACE, Washington – If you’re a frequent shopper at Walmart, you may have noticed some work in the nature area located on the northeast corner of the retailer’s property. A company called Restoration + Recovery has been hired to remove invasive plant species and dead vegetation in the area.

“They are doing it slowly on a month by month basis so as to not overly disturb the natural environment,” City Administrator Mike Rizzitiello said.

The space, which is located on the southwest corner of Southeast Lamperti Street and Southeast Meadowbrook Street is owned by Walmart and was mandated to remain a natural area back when the store was developed.

Rizzitiello adds all the work in the nature area, which surrounds a portion of Stone Creek, is being done under the review of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.