(Information provided by the La Grande School District)

LA GRANDE – This summer, our priority as a school district has been focused on implementing an in-person instructional model that would allow students to a full return to school based on square feet parameters and stable cohorts (students in a class together all day). 

However, due to newly required School Health and Safety Metrics from the Governor’s Office, Oregon Department of Education, and Oregon Health Authority, the La Grande School District will begin the school year on August 31, 2020 with all students in Comprehensive Distance Learning. 

What does this mean to La Grande School District? This guidance puts our plans for in person learning on hold due to not meeting current indicator requirements from the Oregon School Health and Safety Metrics. 

What is Comprehensive Distance Learning? Learning that allows for engagement, participation, mental and social emotional health support, curriculum aligned to grade level standards, assessments for learning, provisions for all student services such as English Learners, Special Education, Talented & Gifted, and ensuring 504 accommodations as well as a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). This learning works in support of online synchronous learning opportunities (learning at the same time) to the extent possible. 

In an effort to ensure our district had a proactive response to an outbreak; LGSD created several contingency plans that took into consideration the potential implementation of a short-term to long-term distance learning plans based on the tenants of a Comprehensive Distance Learning design. This means we have positioned our district to be ready to support on site and online synchronous (learning at the same time) and; asynchronous (learning not at the same time) from home or at school. 

In the coming weeks, our families will need to choose our Hybrid Model or La Grande Learning Academy (full online experience). Students enrolled in the Hybrid Model will participate in Comprehensive Distance Learning until schools reopen for in-person instruction. When in-person classes resume, students will attend in smaller groups following the Hybrid schedule. La Grande Learning Academy (LLA) offers a full-time K-12 online program. We will be in our fourth year of operation with this online learning program. We offer families curriculum, in-person (when allowed by meeting health metric/state guidelines) or virtual support, weekly communication on student progress, and elective workshops to provide small-group peer interaction. Additionally, we provide technology to our students and a learning lab staff with a certified elementary teacher if families need more support (when allowed by meeting health metric/state guidelines). Furthermore, our online program allows you to remain in our district and streamlines enrollment back into the school buildings when the COVID-19 situation is resolved.