Importance of Census completion for local rural communities

PRAIRIE CITY – The 2020 Census is still underway with the deadline being September 30th.  Grant County Commissioner and Prairie City Mayor Jim Hamsher says it’s important to complete your Census, as it’s used to determine things like federal funding for our local communities:

“It’s around $3,200 per person, is how it affects our county alone in federal funding…and that federal funding helps go to finance school lunch programs, SNAP benefits, Head Start, community block grants, Medicaid, medical clinics…”

Oregon Representative Mark Owens in the latest District 60 newsletter stated wrote:

“The 2020 Census is still underway with just a little over a month left. It is extremely important you complete your Census information before the deadline, especially in our rural communities. The Census is used to determine things like the number of seats your state gets in Congress, state and federal redistricting, federal funding for our local communities, and more. Many community-based programs depend on funding which depends on information provided by the Census. This has a direct impact in your community if the population is undercounted.

If you have not yet filled out your Census questionnaire, you can do so online at: It is a quick process, usually 4-5 minutes to complete and your responses are confidential.

Legislators were recently informed that Census responses in many rural Oregon counties and cities are being extremely undercounted, which means we are at risk for programs to be underfunded despite having the needs and the population to serve.

Please respond to the Census today and make sure House District 60 is counted.”