IMESD praises the classes of 2022

By on Wednesday, June 29th, 2022 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

PENDLETON – InterMountain Education Service Director Mark Mulvihill has seen some early graduation figures from schools in the districts he serves, and he’s surprised at how good they look coming on the heels of the pandemic.

“If you were to tell me that the graduation rates were in the 80s and early 90s for the class of 2022, I would have been shocked at that, knowing what we were dealing with during COVID,” he said.

Mulvihill said the final figures that will be released during the new school year will also include some students who didn’t do credit retrieval in time for the graduation ceremony. He said that what this year’s senior class went through over the past few years with COVID-19 is a credit to them and everyone around them.

“It’s a real testament to the communities that we serve in our region,” he said. “No secret. We’re all coming out of two years of an event that was exhausting.”

The InterMountain Education Service District provides services to schools in Union, Umatilla, Morrow, and Baker counties as well as the Virtual Learning Academy.