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Greg & Carolyn started this business because of a love for handmade soap. It all started in a little kitchen in La Grande, Oregon where Carolyn is from. A batch of soap failed miserably and that made Carolyn want to master soaping! Ingredients were researched and chosen based on the many qualities they contain. Most people choose Goat Milk when they make soap because of the many benefits and there are some very great Soapers out there who have mastered Goat Milk Soap. Carolyn wanted to try something different using Almond Milk. Plain Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, and a mix of the two were tried but neither had the zeal and feel that Carolyn was wanting. After many many tries and failed attempts a perfect recipe was created using Oat Almond Milk made by Chef Merlyn Baker. This Oat Almond Milk is AMAZING! For drinking too! The Oat Almond Milk creates a bar with Oats already in it and the Almonds too! The milk is sourced using ingredients from the Pacific Northwest also which is even better.

Prior to this super awesome recipe for soap, Carolyn was using tons and tons of lotion to combat her dry itchy skin. It was time to master a lotion recipe next. This recipe was created after many failed attempts also. I think one has to have failures to achieve success. The ingredients were each selected to create a perfect combination of goodness. Every time people try the lotion one word comes from this: “Ohhhhh” and then we hear “that’s nice!”

Our products continue to grow and our love for sharing goodness without harsh hormone disrupting chemicals is prevalent. We want you to join us in enjoying our products! Reach out to us. Every order will receive a free sample or two.

Love & Peace to you!

Carolyn & Greg

Soap and Skincare Handmade in the Pacific Northwest

We make and sell all natural handcrafted soaps, whipped lotions, bath bombs, lip balms, hair care products, beard care products, and more.


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