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Legacy Ford and Legacy Outdoor, your regional Ford dealer, also offering Coachman Trek and Beyond vans and Nomad trailers.

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2906 Island Avenue, La Grande, OR, USA

Legacy Ford and Legacy Outdoor, serving all of Eastern Oregon and Southeast Washington.

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Legacy Ford & Legacy Outdoor take pride in offering you a great experience when buying a car, truck, SUV or recreational vehicle.  We serve the following towns: La Grande, Island City, Elgin, Union, Baker City, Pendleton, Cove, Enterprise, Summerville, Wallowa, Joseph, North Powder, Imbler, Haines, Milton-Freewater, Walla Walla WA and beyond.

Live the life you’ve always imagined!

If you enjoy the great outdoor recreational opportunities we’re surrounded by, be sure you check out the selection of recreational vehicles at Legacy Outdoor. Coachman Beyond Vans, Cross Treks and Stealth Nomad Trailers.

The first thing you’ll notice when you step into the Legacy Ford & Legacy Outdoor showroom is an amazing selection of new Ford models to choose from, including the Ford F-150, Edge, Explorer, Fusion and Focus. We carry a wide range of models that make cruising La Grande OR, Island City, Baker City, Elgin OR and Union OR a more enjoyable experience, and a test drive is never more than an inquiry away, so that you can learn more about any vehicle you’re interested in with ease.

Explore! Enjoy! Experience!

Legacy Outdoor offers a great line up of recreational vehicles to suit your lifestyle. Check out the full brochures below for details on floor plans and models available.


Learn more about the Cross Trek, Beyond Van and Nomad Trailers below!



















Beyond Van

Stealth Nomad


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2906 Island Avenue, La Grande, OR, USA


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