Hermiston shows population boom

By on Friday, August 13th, 2021 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

LOS ANGELES – The 2020 Census figures were released yesterday and with them Hermiston learned its official population is 19,354. That’s much more than the American Community Survey of 2019, which pegged the population at 17,782 at that time. When compared to the ACS, Hermiston showed a growth rate of 15.6 percent. When compared to the 2010 Census, that growth rate is

The so-called data dump by the U.S. Census Bureau is being used to determine Congressional and Legislative districts, but that’s not all. A city’s population directly reflects how much federal funding it is eligible to receive.

While the data dump is not complete, preliminary figures show that 62 percent of all growth in Umatilla County since 2010 has been within the Hermiston city limits, according to Hermiston Assistant City Manager Mark Morgan. He also figured that 73 percent of the county’s growth is shared by Hermiston and the city of Umatilla.

The figures also reflect that Pendleton’s 2020 population is 17,107. It’s 2019 Community Survey estimate was 16,789. The new census figure for Pendleton is a growth rate of three percent over the 2010 Census.

This story was corrected due to incorrect math. The changes involve the percentage of growth in comparison to the 2010 Census for both Hermiston and Pendleton. We regret the error.