Grant County to receive over $136K for wolf compensation & assistance

By on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News More Top Stories

CANYON CITY – Grant County has been awarded upwards of $136,000 in compensation funding for wolf depredations that occurred within county lines last year.

Grant County Commissioner Jim Hamsher informed our newsroom that the $136,306.50 received is record-breaking, with past awards being around “$20,000 or so.” Grant County also saw a record number of wolf depredations in 2023.

Commissioner Hamsher encourages all Grant County producers that fall victim to livestock depredation to keep track of the non-lethal measures taken to deter wolves, and the associated costs. He said there’s specifically $60,000 available to compensate ranchers for activities like increased human patrols and carcass removal costs.

The award is expected to be signed by the Grant County Court during their meeting Wednesday morning.

Download and view the unsigned grant document below, including the breakdown of funds; as well as the full Grant County Court agenda, below: