Grant County Sheriff optimistic to changes in drug enforcement

JOHN DAY – Grant County Sheriff Todd McKinley recently weighed in on Oregon House Bill 4002, the bill that effectively puts an end to the Measure 110 drug legislation. On KJDY’s Coffee Time, Sheriff McKinley said for the most part he’s pleased with the coming changes:

“The big thing with measure 110 was there was no real reason for someone caught with drugs to give up the dealer. This kind of does some fixes on that. Ultimately, getting the dealers out of the community is the big part.

So, it makes it a crime again for possession, but it gives law enforcement the option of working with that individual.”

The Sheriff said treatment options are in place for those individuals as well. He said HB4002 will fix some “major loopholes,” and should allow his office an easier path to arrest drug dealers. He said he will remain optimistic for the coming changes.

Listen to the full podcast here: