Grant County Court addresses theft and vandalism

By on Wednesday, January 12th, 2022 in More Top Stories

GRANT COUNTY – Vandalism and theft have been on the rise in Grant County. At today’s County Court meeting, the Road Department got approval to install a camera system. Roadmaster Alan Hickerson explains:

“About 8-9 months ago somebody stole a water pump from us. A trash pump, it was two thousand dollars. Since then we’ve taken action to secure our property a little bit better. [We’ve] got fences.”

The Grant County ESD will be helping with the setup of the new camera system.

The Grant County Library also got approval for a new lighting system, according to Judge Scott Myers:

“Lately, there has been some vandalism at the Library, outside. There has been some graffiti on the flagpole. There has been someone lurking outside—circled around the library building once or twice.

We have old lighting, especially on the north end and the backside.”

The new lights are estimated to cost between $1,300 and $1,400.