Grant County awarded $1.6M grant for Emergency Support Facility

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CANYON CITY – A press release was issued Thursday from the Grant County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management regarding a grant that has been awarded for over $1.6 million for the seismic rehabilitation of the M.P. Berry Emergency Support Facility in Canyon City. The building is a designated location for emergency use across multiple scenarios. The funding will help the building achieve a “Risk Level IV” structural standard—the highest level in the state’s building code. Find the full press release below:

(News Release from the Grant County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management)

On 05-22-24 Grant County Emergency Management was notified that we had been awarded a grant for $1,600,261.00. The purpose of the grant is for the seismic rehabilitation of the M.P. Berry Emergency Support Facility at 323 S. Humbolt St, Canyon City, Oregon 97820, which was first built in the late 1950’s. 

Grant County has been focused on developing the necessary capacity to address continuity of government, public safety and property protection for all our citizens since areas of improvement were identified in 2021, and lessons learned from the 2015 Canyon Creek Complex fire. One of the goals was to make significant progress in addressing aging infrastructure that could be vulnerable to threats we face today. 

In addition to housing the Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue team and Emergency Management, the M.P. Berry building is designated as a location for use in a number of emergency scenarios in order to facilitate the protection of the public. Today, certain public buildings, like this one, require a structural standard of “Risk level IV”, which is the highest in Oregon building code. 

To this end, Grant County conducted an engineering analysis of the M.P. Berry building, in December of 2023. The grant to assist with this upgrade was applied for in January 2024. 

I would like to recognize the leadership of the Grant County Court who have unanimously authorized and supported this project. 

Eric Bush

Grant County Emergency Management Coordinator

Todd McKinley

Grant County Sheriff


Below, find the full press release from Business Oregon regarding this round of funding:

(Press Release from Business Oregon)

Business Oregon is pleased to announce Seismic Rehabilitation Grant Program (SRGP) awards of $26,111,710 to Emergency Service Projects and $55,842,944 to School Projects. The SRGP is an extremely competitive grant program that provides funding for the seismic rehabilitation of critical public buildings, particularly public schools and emergency services facilities in Oregon. This year, Business Oregon received over 100 applications requesting almost $240 million in funding.

Public K12 school districts, community colleges, and education service districts are eligible for the grant program. For emergency services facilities, the emphasis is on first responder buildings. This includes hospital buildings with acute inpatient care facilities, fire stations, police stations, sheriff’s offices, 911 centers, and Emergency Operations Centers. Eligible activities for a SRGP award include structural improvements (including non-structural); architecture and engineering; and project management.

Below are the grant awardees from the Emergency Service Projects group:

City of Baker City-Baker City Fire Station                                          $2,497,600    

City of Bay City-Bay City Fire Station                                                $2,497,513    

Christmas Valley RFPD-Christmas Valley Fire Station                      $1,970,860    

City of Coos Bay-Eastside Fire Station                                              $1,125,284    

Echo Rural Fire Protection District-Echo Fire Station                        $1,873,631    

Grant County Sheriff’s Office-Emergency Support Facility                $1,600,261    

Hauser Rural Fire Protection District-Hauser Fire Station                 $2,219,871    

Jefferson Fire District-Fire Station 60                                                $2,499,411    

Knappa Fire District-Svensen Sub-Station                                        $1,092,354    

Town of Lakeview-Lakeview Fire Station                                           $2,499,420    

Nestucca Fural Fire & Rescue-Station 85                                          $2,498,470    

City of Pendleton-Fire Station 2                                                         $2,499,795    

Sweet Home Fire & Ambulance District-Station 23                            $1,237,240    

Below are the grant awardees from the School Projects group:

Ashland SD-Ashland HS Science Bldg                                              $2,500,000    

Alsea SD-Alsea Gym & Office Addition                                              $2,480,800    

Central Point SD-Crater HS Old Gym                                                $2,499,860    

Colton SD-Colton HS Classroom Wing                                              $2,499,080    

Creswell SD-Creswell HS Academic Bldg.                                         $2,055,520    

Culver SD-Culver HS Original Gym                                                   $2,488,725    

Eagle Point SD-Table Rock Elem School Gym                                  $2,492,440    

Elgin SD-Stella Mayfield Elem Auditorium                                         $2,497,273    

Grants Pass SD-Redwood Elem School                                            $2,496,100    

Harrisburg SD-Harrisburg Elem Classrooms                                     $2,467,555    

Junction City SD-Laurel Elem Classrooms & Cafeteria                     $2,466,105    

Klamath Falls City Schools-Joseph Conger Elem Phase 2               $2,469,300    

Medford SD-Griffin Creek Elem Phase 2                                           $2,499,660    

Mount Angel SD-JFK HS Classroom Addition                                   $2,040,631    

North Powder SD-North Powder Elem Original Bldg Class Wing     $1,944,140    

Oakland SD-Oakland HS Gym                                                          $2,499,880    

Oakridge SD-Oakridge Elem School Gym                                         $2,498,920    

Pleasant Hill SD-Pleasant Hill HS Gym                                             $2,499,940    

Portland Public Schools-Maryville Elem                                            $2,500,000    

Roseburg Public Schools-Roseburg HS VoTech East Bldg              $2,499,420    

Sutherlin SD-Sutherlin MS Gym                                                        $2,495,300    

Three Rivers SD-Fort Vanroy Elem Gym                                           $2,499,755    

Tillamook SD-Liberty Elem Original Classrooms                               $2,452,540