Grant Co. Historical Assn. helping to restore old structures

JOHN DAY – The Grant County Historical Association’s mission is to provide services and support to any local entity that is engaged in preserving or presenting the local history. Board Member Kitman Kienzle told KJDY listeners on Thursday that help is available to Grant County folks wishing to preserve historical structures on their property:

“We are…helping several local people that own historic buildings or land, and getting them connected with the people that can help them preserve it and get them funding to help…protect those items—structures mostly—for future preservation. 

[We are] helping people connect to the state agencies that give them money, if they need it, to help preserve the structures that they have on their property.”

Kienzle also mentioned the Historical Association is working on restoring the sign at the old Camp Logan site out of Prairie City.

(**Grant County Historical Museum photo**)

Listen to the podcast below: