Gas prices rise as more people hit the road

Demand for gasoline continues to rise. AAA Motor Club Public Affairs Director Marie Dodds said that means there’s an increase in the price of gas at the pump.

“The national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is up four cents to $2.18,” Dodds said. “The Oregon average edges up a penny to $2.59. This is the smallest weekly increase in the country.”

The average price in Washington is up three cents to $2.72 a gallon. Pendleton’s price increases four cents to $2.45, and Hermiston’s is up four cents to $2.47. There’s also a four-cent increase in Walla Walla to $2.71. Meanwhile, Milton-Freewater saw prices go down four cents to $2.35.

“Gasoline demand is up pretty significantly,” Dodds said. “It increased from about 7.8 million barrels a day to 8.6 million barrels a day.”

Demand is the highest it has been since March, but is still much lower than it was at this time last year.