Funding is secured for first phase of Pendleton Regional Sports Complex

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PENDLETON – The smiles were wide at Prodigal Son in Pendleton Friday evening as Round-Up City Development Corporation President Joseph Hull announced $3 million in state funding is secured to build the first phase of the Pendleton Regional Sports Complex.

RCDC was disappointed that the funding wasn’t received during the 2023 legislative session. However, Hull and Sen. Bill Hansell (R-Athena) didn’t give up.  

“Hansell joined us at the very beginning,” Hull said. “We were not successful in the summer session, but doubled down in the recently concluded short session. Senator Hansell made the project his number one priority with fellow legislators.”

The idea of a youth sports complex including soccer and baseball fields began with a feasibility study paid for by RCDC in 2022. The city will need to pass a bond to build the second phase of the complex once the first phase of the infrastructure and as many fields as possible are completed. RCDC has obtained 40 acres at Stage Gulch and Airport Road in

“This facility will be able to host very large baseball, softball, and soccer tournaments – even district, regional, and state tournaments,” Hull said. “Phase 1 will be a modest beginning. Then Phase 2 will achieve the dream for a huge economic boost to our region.”

Hull reached out earlier this week to RCDC members and supporters of the complex, asking them to gather Friday at the Prodigal Son.

“My wife and I will buy the first drink for all so that we can toast a few important happenings,” he wrote in an email. “Ice water, soft drink or spirit – it is your choice. I promise to be brief and would love to have you all attend for a quick celebration.”

Hull said an official name for the complex has not yet been decided. He is working on a name that will honor Hansell for his support and friendship as the dream moved closer and then became a reality. Hull anticipates it will be busy with youth sports ranging from local contests to tournaments from early spring through late fall. Eventually, the complex will include an RV park as well.

“This is an epic moment for economic development for our region,” Hull said. “Pendleton is the perfect host city for the kinds of events we will be able to book at the complex.”

MyCB photo, Graphic via RCDC

Editor’s note: This story was corrected to reflect Phase 2 will be funded by a bond that will be on a future ballot and to clarify the location.