Fuelwood season has begun, get your permits now

BAKER CITY – (Release from the Wallowa Whitman National Forest) How much wood could a woodcutter cut if a woodcutter could cut wood? Well, if it’s for personal use, the answer is 4 to 10 cords. 

The first step is to get your fuelwood permit. Several local vendors (listed below) sell permits. For your convenience, many are open early in the morning, late in the evening, and on weekends. They may add an additional fee of up to $2 per permit. There is a 4-cord minimum and a 10-cord maximum for personal use permits, which are valid until November 30. 

  • Burnt River Market, 304 Main Street, Unity, OR 97884, (541) 446-3660
  • D&B Supply, 3515 Pocahontas Road, Baker City, OR 97814, (541) 523-6442
  • Gold Post, 150 N. Mill Street, Sumpter, OR 97877, (541) 894-2362
  • Halfway Mercantile, 117 S. Main Street, Halfway, OR 97834, (541) 742-6171
  • Hometown Hardware, 206 S. Main Street, Union, OR 97883, (541) 562-5472
  • Island City Market and Deli, 10101 W 1st Street, Island City, OR 97850, (541) 963-7140   
  • Miller’s Home Center, 3109 May Lane, La Grande, OR 97850, (541) 963-3113
  • Sports Corral, 401 Main Street, Joseph, OR 97846, (541) 432-4363
  • Wallowa County Grain Growers, 911 S. River Street, Enterprise, OR 97828, (541) 426-3116

Forest Service offices also sell personal-use fuelwood permits for $5 per cord, although hours are limited to weekdays. Please check the National Forest fuelwood permit webpage for contact information, up-to-date hours of operation, and Covid precautions. 

For more information, call the Wallowa-Whitman fuelwood hotlines:

  • 541-962-8679 for the La Grande Ranger District
  • 541-426-5552 for the Wallowa Mountains Office in Joseph
  • 541-523-1234 for the Whitman Ranger District in Baker City

Commercial fuelwood permits are only available at Forest Service offices and cost $10 per cord. The minimum purchase is 2 cords, and there is no maximum.  Commercial permits are valid for 2 weeks after their purchase date. Post & Pole permits cost $0.03 per linear foot, with a minimum of 667 linear feet and a maximum of 3,000 linear feet in total for the season.  Post & Pole permits are valid for 2 weeks after their purchase date.

“I want to thank every proactive woodcutter for the work you do,” said Tom Montoya, Wallowa-Whitman Forest Supervisor.  “As you meet the fuelwood needs of your household and community, you are also helping us to reduce fuel loads and wildfire risks in the National Forest.  Please be safe out there, and be sure that you understand the requirements in the 2021 Fuelwood Guide.”

Permits are not valid in areas where fuelwood cutting restrictions are in effect.  Please carefully review the 2021 Fuelwood Guide to avoid violating the terms & conditions of your permit. Federal and State law enforcement may ask woodcutters to show their signed permit and completed removal record.  Both documents must be carried by the woodcutter while cutting and transporting wood.  Woodcutters are also required to carry an axe, a shovel, and a fire extinguisher with 8 ounces capacity or larger.  Chainsaws must be equipped with an approved spark arrester while cutting wood.

Only you can prevent forest fires: All fuelwood permit holders are required to follow Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPLs), which can be found at http://bmidc.org/ifpls.shtml.  Woodcutters need to remain in their work area for a minimum of one hour after using a chainsaw to look for any fires or smoldering duff.  To report a wildland fire, please call 911.

Safety and conservation: 

  • Please do not drive off the road and onto wet meadows or unstable ground. This will damage your National Forest, and you might get stranded. Please contact a Forest Service office before heading out to make sure your target area is accessible.
  • Bring the 10 Essentials, including extra food, water, clothing, and other emergency supplies.
  • Bring your buddies. There is safety in numbers, plus many hands make light work!
  • Check out & in: Let someone know your destination; let them know when you will check back in to confirm your safe return.


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