Fruit tree trimming and pruning

BAKER COUNTY – Pruning is important to fruit trees regardless of age. Information from the OSU Master Gardeners says that “young trees require vigilant monitoring and shaping to develop a strong framework. Mature trees need annual, skilled pruning to stay productive.”

A fruit tree trimming and pruning class, that will focus on the concepts and techniques for pruning fruit trees grown in home orchards of Eastern Oregon, will take place on March 26th between 9am and 3pm at the Baker County Community Events Center. 

This class will build confidence in the first-time pruner and still benefit the more experienced gardener.  Three hours of classroom instruction, two hours of field-based application in a nearby orchard, and a one-hour lunch break. 

Class speaker will be David Cowan, who is an Oregon State University Extension Master Gardener since 2005.   This is one of his most requested classes.  David has a background in science education and retail.  

Cost is $15 (Checks payable to OSU Master Gardeners or Cash only)