Firewood permits available

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EASTERN OREGON – (Information provided by National Forest Service)  Umatilla National Forest personal-use firewood permits will go on sale Saturday, May 1, through several local vendors. Firewood permits will also be available via mail beginning Monday, May 3, by contacting the Forest Supervisor’s Office in Pendleton during regular business hours.

Firewood permits can be purchased for $5 per cord with a minimum purchase of four cords for $20.  The maximum limit for personal-use firewood on the Umatilla National Forest is 12-cords-per-household-per-year.

Local vendors will sell firewood permits in 4-cord packets.  An additional vendor fee, up to $2, will be charged for each 4-cord, $20 firewood permit purchased at a local vendor.  A list of vendors is available on the Forest website at

“Our vendors provide a great service to our woodcutters by selling firewood permits during hours that are convenient for the public,” said Eric Watrud, Forest Supervisor.  Most vendors are open early mornings, late evenings and on the weekends.  An additional fee is not charged if you purchase a permit from a Forest Service office. 

All Umatilla National Forest offices are still offering virtual services to the public. Individuals interested in purchasing a personal-use firewood permit from the Forest directly may call (541) 278-3716 or send an email to A Forest Service employee will assist individuals with completing the procedures to receive the personal-use firewood packet in the mail upon receipt of payment.

Firewood cutters are required to carry an axe, a shovel, an 8 oz. capacity or larger fire extinguisher, and have their chainsaw equipped with an approved spark arrester when cutting wood.

Some areas on the Umatilla National Forest are still not accessible due to mud, snow or snow drifts. Forest visitors are asked to use extreme care to avoid getting stuck or causing extensive and illegal resource damage to the land and vegetation.  Woodcutters are asked to:

Contact the local Ranger District office before heading out to make sure the area you’re traveling to is accessible.

Avoid driving off roads and onto wet, unstable ground or fragile meadow environments to load firewood.

Be prepared!  Pack additional food, water, clothing and other emergency supplies.

Let someone know your destination and estimated time of return. 

The public is reminded that some roads and trails are closed in areas with significant flood damage from the 2020 February and May flood events. Detailed closure maps and updates on flood repair activities are available on the Forest website and at any Forest office. Closure signs will also be posted on the ground.

Tribal members exercising their Treaty rights are reminded that permits are not required but they should be in possession of valid enrollment identification when cutting or transporting firewood.

As we move into the hot, dry summer months, Public Use Restrictions (PURs) may be implemented. Restrictions will be announced by 6 p.m. on the day prior to the restriction(s) going into effect.  Weekend restrictions will be announced by 6 p.m. on Friday.  An updated recording at 1-877-958-9663 will let you know if firewood cutting is: allowed all day; restricted to specific hours (i.e. 1 p.m. chainsaw shutdown); restricted to specific areas of the Forest; or closed completely due to wildfire danger.  Restrictions will also be posted on the forest’s website. The public is responsible to check if firewood cutting is allowed.

Firewood season on the Umatilla National Forest will end Nov. 30, 2021.

For more information on firewood cutting, please contact the Supervisor’s Office at (541) 278-3716 or your local District Office.

North Fork John Day Ranger District: (541) 427-3231

Heppner Ranger District: (541) 676-9187

Walla Walla Ranger District: (509) 522-6290

Pomeroy Ranger District: (509) 843-1891.  

More information about the Umatilla National Forest is available at