Firefighters contain small fire northeast of Monument

MONUMENT, OR – A small wildfire was reported on recently. On Sunday, the Skull Creek wildfire, 15.2 miles northeast of Monument was called in. The blaze only grew to about a tenth of an acre, and was fully-contained and controlled by Oregon Department of Forestry crews Monday evening. The fire burned in grass, duff and timber. A cause was not listed.

In other fire news, May is Wildfire Awareness Month. Irene Jerome with Firewise explains that embers are often the culprit to the loss of homes and property during a wildfire event:

“One of the big risks of fire to your home if we have a huge fire event is embers. You don’t have to have the flame in front, close to your home. Those embers come and start fires. I have numerous pictures of structures [lost to fire] in green meadows on Canyon Creek. Bridges burning…they lit because of embers.”

Tips on wildfire prevention, including campfire safety, motorized equipment use, and fire-resistant landscaping can be found on the Keep Oregon Green website,