Fire Restrictions Change on the Malheur National Forest

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Beginning Wednesday, October 6,
12:01 a.m., the Malheur National Forest is lifting the current Public Use Restriction (PUR) for
the South Zone of the Forest – Emigrant Creek Ranger District.

For all Ranger Districts – Blue Mountain, Prairie City and Emigrant Creek:

Campfires: allowed in both developed campgrounds and dispersed sites. Campfires are only
allowed in fire pits surrounded by dirt, rock, or commercial rings and in areas not conductive to
rapid fire spread, at a minimum clear of all flammable material within a radius of three (3) feet
from the edge of the pit and free of overhanging material. Use existing pits wherever possible.

Wood Burning Stoves: equipped with a chimney that is at least five (5) feet in length with a
spark-arresting screen consisting of ¼ inch mesh hardware cloth are allowed.

Portable Cooking Stoves: using liquified or bottled gas are allowed and must have all
combustible material removed within a 5-foot radius of the perimeter of the stove.

To reduce the risk of escaped fires, the following are required for campfires, charcoal briquette
fires, wood stoves, portable cookstoves, portable fire pits, and gas stoves:
• Campfires must be attended at all times, and completely extinguished prior to leaving!
• Persons with campfires are required to have a tool that can serve as a shovel and one
gallon of water in their possession.
• Use of charcoal briquettes is permitted under the same guidelines as campfires described
• Within designated wilderness areas, users are encouraged to locate campfires such that
minimal disturbance would be necessary to meet the clearing requirements identified.
Naturally cleared areas, previously used sites, and areas where vegetation is nonflammable (green grass) are examples. Possession of a typical backpacking folding shovel
(commercially available) meets the intent of a tool as described above.

The entire forest is at Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) Level I:
Level I: Fire precaution requirements are in effect. A fire watch/security is required at this and
all higher levels unless otherwise waived.

The entire Forest is at Moderate Fire Danger:
MODERATE – When the fire danger is “moderate” it means that fires can
start from most accidental causes, but the number of fire starts is usually
pretty low. If a fire does start in an open, dry grassland, it will burn and
spread quickly on windy days. Most wood fires will spread slowly to
moderately. Average fire intensity will be moderate except in heavy
concentrations of fuel, which may burn hot. Fires are still not likely to
become serious and are often easier to control.

No matter the weather or time of year, there is always the potential for human-caused fires. We
ask that you be careful when out enjoying your forest.

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