Easterday counters lawsuit with Chapter 11 filing

By on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

PASCO – Tyson Fresh Meats is suing Easterday Ranches of Pasco for over $225 million, and in turn, the cattle company has filed for Chapter 11 protection in federal bankruptcy court.

Easterday is also the owner of the mega-dairy Lost Valley Farm in Morrow County, Oregon. It is in the permitting process for operations of that dairy, which it purchased for more than $66 million in 2019.

The lawsuit by Tyson involves what the company said were 200,000 head of cattle that only existed on paper. The agreement was Tyson would pay for their feed and care and they would eventually go to its food processing facility in Wallula.

Easterday acknowledged the $225 million suit as one of its outstanding debts, among others in its filing. Some of the larger outstanding debts include more than $8.6 million to Segale Properties of Tukwila, more than $1 million to Animal Health International based in Colorado, more than $274,000 to Cenex Harvest States which makes feed pellets in Hermiston, and more than $16,000 to Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic of Hermiston.

Photo of Easterday Ranches from Washington Beef