Dispatch Center implements new answering system

BAKER COUNTY – (Release from the Baker County Sheriff’s Office) When you call the Baker County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center you may notice a few changes.

A new answering system has been implemented in an effort to better serve callers while prioritizing the most critical calls.

When you call the BCSO Dispatch business line (541-523-6415 or 541-523-3644) you will reach an automated answering system. This will allow you to choose the division, service, or employee that you are trying to reach with the push of a button.

This system will greatly increase efficiency as Dispatchers answer critical 911 calls. Prior to the implementation of this system, Dispatchers routinely answered 911 and business line calls simultaneously which would divert resources from critical incidents. This system allows the primary focus of the Dispatcher to be on 911 calls, which often involve matters of life or death.