Dayville School to get teacher housing near schoolhouse

By on Friday, March 29th, 2024 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News More Top Stories

DAYVILLE – As previously mentioned, Dayville School District has received $125,000 in grant funding from the Eastern Oregon Regional Educators Network to secure new housing for teachers and staff. Superintendent Dr. Davida Irving said a new house will be going into a spot where an old shed currently sits. She thinks they may have found the house to go there:

“I took a field trip with Casey Fretwell, our School Board Chair, and Miles Steele, who is our Facilities Coordinator. We drove to Redmond to see what types of…I think they call them ready-made homes were available. We were looking for three-or-four-bedroom homes with two baths, and we found a home that meets all of our needs.”

Dr. Irving said now the school will prepare the grounds and secure the proper permitting. She said that process normally takes around four to six weeks.

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