Current statewide rules for harassment and shooting of wolves in Oregon

By on Thursday, January 14th, 2021 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News More Top Stories

EASTERN OREGON – (Release from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife) Since the federal delisting of wolves on Jan. 4, 2021, livestock producers across Oregon can now shoot wolves caught in the act of attacking (biting, wounding or killing) their livestock without a permit in certain situations.  Download the pdf for specific information.  Livestock producers in eastern Oregon (Phase III) can also shoot a wolf chasing livestock under certain circumstances. 

Shooting wolves chasing livestock in western Oregon (Phase I) is not allowed, except in areas and at times that ODFW has determined that a chronic depredation situation exists.  Since there have been at least four qualifying events of depredation in the last six months, a chronic depredation situation exists in the Rogue Pack AKWA at this time.  Livestock producers in the Rogue Pack area of Jackson and Klamath Counties may shoot a wolf chasing livestock if they have been doing specific appropriate non-lethal measures to reduce wolf-livestock conflict and as long as the area remains in a chronic depredation situation. More information is available here.

If wolves are re-listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act in a portion of the state, those federal laws supersede state law and lethal take of wolves for any reason except personal defense is unlawful. Check the legal status of wolves on the ODFW website or sign up for wolf-livestock notification emails to be informed about changes in wolf protection status and current events for livestock producers.