Crime spree ends with officer-involved shooting

By on Thursday, August 26th, 2021 in Columbia Basin News Featured Stories

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. – A rampage that began in Finley came to an end with an officer-involved shooting in West Richland early Wednesday morning. It began when Benton County Sheriff’s deputies responded to several fires and a shooting.

Law enforcement has confirmed they took one man in Finley to a hospital for a gunshot wound, and another person was found inside of one of two homes that were on fire who was deceased. Police report a total of four people were killed in the spree, two of whom they believe were the suspect’s parents.

Investigators say they believe that after the fires and shooting in Finley, the suspect set other fires in Benton County, including two in Kennewick. The suspect’s vehicle was located. Kennewick Police Capt. Aaron Clem said that four officers at the scene returned fire when they were shot at from the vehicle. At that point, it’s reported that the vehicle caught fire. A body was found inside the vehicle. The suspect has not been identified by law enforcement.

The area Special Investigations Unit was activated to probe the officer-involved shooting and will release more information in the coming days. SIU reports that one West Richland officer, one Pasco officer, and two Benton County Sheriff’s deputies returned fire.

Photo via Benton County Sheriff Facebook