Council to hold hearing on fee schedule

By on Tuesday, January 4th, 2022 in Columbia Basin News More Top Stories

PENDLETON – The Pendleton City Council meets tonight (Tuesday) at 7. A public hearing is scheduled regarding fee schedule changes.

As part of the annual fee review process, a three percent fee increase was applied to keep track with the cost of inflation. Rounding formulas were employed, which means some fees will not change. One example of this, according to the staff report, would be a $7 fee being increased by three percent. That would equal $7.21. If rounding to the nearest 50 cents, the fee would stay at $7.

Some of the city’s fees, for example ambulance rates and utility fees, have an automatic escalator in them and they have been adjusted. Therefore, no action on those fees is a part of the resolution before the council members. In addition, some fees were adjusted earlier in 2021 and it’s been requested that they stay at their current rates.

The council will also consider awarding a contract of more than $10.5 million for work related to the airport reservoir and booster pump station project. The low bid for the project is from Rotschy, Inc. of Pasco.

The council will also elect a new president for 2022. There will also be a presentation by Vice President of Federal Affairs Kirby Garrett of CFM Federal Advocates regarding federal priorities for the city.

The meeting is accessible via Zoom. Meeting ID is 848 8298 2122 and the pass code is 248854.