Controversial sidewalk stamping ordinance is on the agenda

PENDLETON – At the request of Mayor John Turner, the Pendleton City Council has instructed staff to suggest changes to a street name ordinance that has grown controversial during the Southeast Byers Avenue reconstruction project, due to the city naming some of its streets to salute the Confederate States of America. Turner said the ordinance has not been followed anyway.

“We have never once re-stamped a name,” he said. “We have an ordinance that says we’re supposed to do that. Our actual practices have been, we have not done it.”

The existing ordinance was last amended in 2007. Turner thinks it’s time to amend it again.

“The public comment that I’ve gotten has been about two-to-one against re-stamping the names,” he said. “At a time when people are on edge and feeling isolated because of COVID and other things, we’re just not going to go there.”

The staff will present possible changes at the council meeting on Dec. 15.