Confirmed Wolf Depredations in Baker and Union Counties

July 14, 2021 – Baker County (Manning Creek area)

Date Investigated: 7/14/21                                                  Cause of death/injury: Confirmed

General situation and animal information: On the evening of 7/14/21 a livestock producer, while checking cattle, found a dead 5.5-month-old calf in a 3500+ acre public land allotment. The calf carcass had been heavily fed upon with little remaining muscle tissue, but the majority of the hide remained. The calf was estimated to have died approximately 36 hours before the investigation.

Physical evidence and summary of findings: The calf carcass was skinned, partially shaved and examined. The calf had numerous parallel pre-mortem tooth scrapes up to 5 inches long and 1/4 inch wide with associated bruising under the hide on the rear of both back legs above the hock. There were additional pre-mortem tooth scrapes at the right front elbow. The location, size, number, and direction of tooth scrapes are consistent with wolf attack injuries on calves. A collared Lookout Mountain Pack wolf was present at the carcass location at the approximate time of death. The depredation is attributed to the Lookout Mountain Pack.

July 13,2021 – Baker County (First Creek area)

Date Investigated: 7/13/21                                                  Cause of death/injury: Other

General situation and animal information: A ranch hand found a dead calf on 7/13/21 in a large, private- land pasture near several watering holes. The carcass was intact except for scavenging of internal organs and portions of the right ribs, right shoulder, and anus. It was estimated that the calf had died within the last 12 hours.

Physical evidence and summary of findings: The entire carcass was skinned. No pre-mortem bites, scratches, cuts, scrapes, or punctures were found on the hide. The underlying muscle tissue showed no evidence of hemorrhage or tissue damage. There was no evidence of predator attack on the carcass or the scene. The cause of death was not wolf related.

July 4, 2021 – Union County (Kamela area)

Date Investigated: 7/4/21                                                     Cause of death/injury: Confirmed (9)

General situation and animal information: On the morning of 7/4/21, a herder notified a ranch hand that sheep had scattered from around their bedding area near his trailer the previous evening. That same morning, a member of the public found two dead ewes and one dead lamb on the same large, timbered private-land pasture and notified the ranch hand. The ranch hand found an additional three dead lambs, one dead ewe, and two injured lambs. One of the injured lambs was not relocated until 7/7/21. Of the dead sheep, one was mostly consumed, two were completely intact, two were mostly intact, and two were partially consumed. All animals were estimated to have been injured or killed on the evening of 7/3/21.

Physical evidence and summary of findings: A GPS location from a radio-collared Ukiah wolf around the time of the sheep injuries and mortalities was within 150 yards of three of the sheep carcasses. Tracks of multiple wolves were also found near several of the carcasses. One injured lamb and one dead ewe were examined on site on 7/4/21, the remaining dead sheep were partially shaved/skinned and examined on 7/6/21. The dead sheep had pre-mortem tooth punctures up to 3/8” in diameter on the neck, throat, groin, and/or hindquarters. Associated hemorrhage and tissue trauma extended up to 2” deep. One injured lamb had an open bite wound on the backside of the right hindquarter above the hock with exposed tissue damage. The other injured lamb had a bite wound to the throat. All sheep had pre- mortem bite wounds indicating they were attacked by a predator. The size, location, and severity of wounds were consistent with wolf attacks on sheep. This depredation event is attributed to the Ukiah Pack.

July 1, 2021 – Umatilla County (Meacham area)

Date Investigated: 7/1/21                                                     Cause of death/injury: Possible/Unknown

General situation and animal information: A livestock producer’s range rider found the remains of a dead calf on 7/1/21 in a 4000-acre forested private-land pasture. The calf was approximately 4 months old weighing 325 lbs. and had been nearly consumed with only the head, portions of both front legs and scapula, and pelvis with attached vertebrae remaining. The calf was estimated to have died 2-3 days prior to the investigation.

Physical evidence and summary of findings: The remaining hide was shaved and skinned with no pre- mortem bite marks, scrapes, or muscle trauma found. No evidence was found to suggest the death was wolf related. Due to the lack of hide and muscle tissue on the calf, the determination is possible/unknown.