Confirmed wolf depredation in Union County

By on Saturday, August 14th, 2021 in Eastern/Southeast Oregon News Featured Stories

August 11, 2021 – Union County (Indian Lake area)

Date Investigated: 8/11/21                                                  Cause of death/injury: Confirmed

General situation and animal information: On the morning of 8/10/21 a producer found an injured 450 lb., 6-month-old calf on a forested public land allotment. The animal was euthanized by the owner and transported to an ODFW office where an investigation was performed the following morning. Open wounds were observed on both rear legs between the anus and hock, the left flank, and the left shoulder. The estimated date of injuries was 7-14 days prior to the investigation.

Physical evidence and summary of findings: The entire carcass was shaved and skinned. Numerous pre- mortem tooth scrapes ranging from 1/8-3/16 inch in width and up to 6 inches long were found on both hind legs above the hocks as well as the groin, adjacent to the observed open wounds. Depth of tissue trauma under the tooth scrapes and within the open wounds was up to 2 ½ inches. The pre-mortem bite wounds are a clear sign of predator attack. The location and severity of the injuries is similar to injuries observed on other calves attacked by wolves. This depredation is attributed to the Ukiah Pack.