Conditions on forest much drier than the devastating 2015 season

JOHN DAY, PRAIRIE CITY & HINES, OR – Conditions are historically dry in the Malheur National Forest, according to forest officials. A recent graphic was produced, comparing this wildfire season with the devastating 2015 wildfire season, when the Canyon Creek Complex occurred. That fire burned over 110,000 acres here locally and around 100 different structures. The graphic show that this season is actually much drier:

Malheur Deputy Fire Staff Eric Miller popped into KJDY studios in John Day and said, “With the exceptional drought in the West that everyone is experiencing and above-normal temps with lower-than-normal precip., fire season is about three-to-four weeks ahead of schedule.”  Miller noted that fire season could go later than normal if a season-ending rain event is not experienced over our area when it usually does, in September or October.