Close call hit and run leaves dog injured in La Grande

LA GRANDE – Crosswalks and the phrase “look both ways before crossing the street” are ubiquitous things. As such, it can be easy to forget that crossing the street potentially puts a person in the path of a 1-2 hunk of metal and rubber with enough kinetic energy to effortlessly pulverize someone’s spine, even at inner-city speed limits. Graphic hyperbole aside, a close call hit and run that took place outside La Grande City Hall recently serves as a reminder for both drivers and pedestrians to remember basic crosswalk safety.

According to the La Grande Police Department, a city employee reported a hit and run on the crosswalk on the corner of 4th street and Adams Avenue, near City Hall, at approximately 11:48 a.m., on Wednesday, March 6. A pedestrian, identified as Shane Walch, was crossing the street with their dog when a white dodge pickup failed to yield to the pair and continued through the intersection. Walch avoided being hit or injured in any way, but the truck did run over his dog’s paw. Thankfully, a local vet reports the dog will make a full recovery following minor surgery.

As of the time of writing, the LGPD have identified and contacted the driver, who is cooperating with police. Again, drivers and pedestrians alike are reminded to pay attention near crosswalks.